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There are not 1000's of search engines on the web, but a few hundred. So we select which engines and Directories that are relevent to you, and submit to those. On the left you will see some of the more important UK Listings.

If you are a UK site, after UK visitors, we will ensure that you are listed in UK sites. Many people offer submission services, but will submit to the US versions of these Search Engines.

This means that by optimising and submitting to UK engines, we will get you UK customers. Of course, we can also get you good listings in the others, even Hong Kong engines, but you have the choice!

Directories have their own rules for submitting, and to get the most out of a listing, you need to understand how they work. As we have achieved many listings in Directories, we know what is the best way to get the most out of them for you.

Would you like to pay by visitor? We can organise that for you too. We do this very sucessfully for EshopOne as well as several clients.

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