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Anyone can optimize a Web site to rank high in the search engines for key phrases if they have the knowledge and skills. How does one obtain these? Reading, reading, reading, and practicing, practicing, practicing!

So Why Come to Isulu?

We have learned how to optimise phrases for search engines, just like everyone else in this field. Our advantage, is that we are continually doing it for ourselves too, with our own retail site EshopOne, trading since Feb 2000. That makes us keen to stay ahead. The search engines change their algorithms, listing etc on a monthly basis at times, and it is important to know what is happening.

Also, we are "Internet Marketeers", not just Search Engine Specialists. This means that we can advise you in how to make the most of your customers.

You will see from the table on the left,which shows what we do,there is more to Search Engine Marketing than just getting listed, and staying listed.

As I said, anyone can learn to optimise, but we can put it into a package that you can be sure will bring you customers!

Finally, we have developed some tools that give us the ability to target key phrases to bring in customers, tools developed "in house", meaning we can market like no-one else!

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