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Very often our potential clients have recently spent a lot of money for a very stylish looking website which they think is perfect. Unfortunately, these types of sites are usually not created with search engines in mind.

This is one reason why we are sure to tell people that in nearly every case, we will need to change the visible text on their main front page so that it better utilizes the keyword phrases they want to rank high under.

"What?" they often ask. "Can't you just change the meta tags?"

"What if we make the new text invisible?"

"Aren't there ways to do all this in the background somehow?"…"Isn't there any other way?"

There are other ways, but like any successful company we use methods that have proven to work for us in the past. That is, creating keyword rich, professionally written marketing copy that naturally uses the keyword phrases the site wants to rank high for, which means that your customers will know they have come to the right place.

Think about this for a moment and it and it makes perfect sense. Search engines are there for the sole purpose of finding pages that are relevant to a user's keyword search. What better way to find relevant pages than to look for sites that meet the above criteria?

Coded Sites

Many sites cannot be viewed by search engines at all. Do you use frames for instance, or is your site driven by a database? If so, it is probable you will have not listing, or at best a limited listing on search engines.

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