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Our customer base speaks for itself, and we are always happy to take on a challenge!

All of our clients are regarded as long term colleagues. Our knowledge base is available easily and quickly for as long as each client wants it to be. This means that you can be sure to get the best advice. The web is always developing, and we like to think we know how! This is a site that performs well because of its lightweight, non dynamic pages. Each one is hand built, especially for the product.

David Nieper We have been working with Chris Nieper since 1999, when we sold their products on . Handmade nighties. Pure Quality.

Bennetts of Irongate. For those who do not know Derby, Bennetts have been on the high street for years. this is their first move online, and the site is expanding from one success to the next. With a large shop to back it up, they buy well, and have a tremendous range to sell.
Iain at Realstone is a friend and neighbour. They run a few quarries in Derbyshire and Scotland, and have supplied stone for many iconic buildings, including Some of the London Stations.

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