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Internet Advertising Costs- please call 01335 361287 for an individual quote.

Most web sites have cost £ 000's to build. In comparison, bringing your site into the High Street from the Outer Hebrides can be much more affordable.

Search Engineering is one of the cheapest of all internet advertising costs. Pricing can start at as little as £500, and £50 per month, with some advice on how to build your page rank. For a complete service, it will cost between £3,000 and £5,000, depending on your business.

We do offer a Guaranteed service, where you pay only for a top 10 ranking, on selected search engines. This is a very popular format, as with our key phrase service, you can estimate the level of traffic you might expect.

We do not include in this the cost of business express submission costs, that are changing monthly. Currently they are £300 for Yahoo, and Looksmart, depending on your business. If you want rapid results, we recommend the Inktomi inclusion at £30 per page/ Key phrase/ year, which will help with MSN amongst others. Pay per Click campaigns can be a good way of getting immediate results, provided the right phrases are selected.

Other Marketing tools: We can also offer help with affiliate schemes, shopping portals, pay per click, and other internet advertising channels. Call or email to find out more.

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