Successful Presence

Generally but not always you need a website for an internet presence. I can help you decide what it is you need and how best to achieve that.

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Attracting Clients

This can be using SEO, PPC local search, affiliate marketing, Google Shopping or even offline advertising.

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Your Reputation

Once online you cannot get off. It is a tough world out there, and it is important to run your business with integrity. However, competitors are after your business, and I can help you protect your Reputation.

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Media Services

- Consultancy


Who We Are

Isulu have been driving business to websites since 1999. An early adopter of ecommerce

An early adopter of ecommerce I have been at the fore front of Internet Marketing in many field of business from consultancy, B2B and B2C. I head a small close knit team who cover the main disciplines and while we never profess to know everything in the world of the internet, the years of experience in the business gives us a unique ability to find an expert when needed.


Our Services

A full site and internet business audit

We do not offer free audits, as a proper audit takes many hours of work and only take on customers that we know we can add value for. The audit uncovers weaknesses in a website, and suggests a plan of action.

Keyword Analysis and Targeting

Finding the right keywords is key to a successful business. Using PPC, we can quickly test phrases for conversion, and then use that data for Organic listings.

Reputation Management

If your reputation is important to you, contact us directly to find out more about how we can make sure you keep your good name.

A/B Testing and Click Tracking

It depends on your business, your traffic and the goals for your website. I can advise the how, why and when.

Social Media Consultancy

While we can do Social Media for you, the best businesses do it themselves, as it is a part of what they do. Social Media has been a buzz for some time now, and not everything works for everyone. I can help you decide what is worth doing, and what is not. Few will directly help with ranking, but all are signals of an active business.


What We Offer

A one stop Internet Marketing Consultancy

Its up to you. I am happy to have a chat on the phone. Isulu is based in Derby, but have clients all over the UK. For consultancy, you will deal directly with me, Rupert Bowling. Specialist work is either done in house by a small and dedicated team, or contracted out to a specialist. I have long realised that I cannot know every detail of Internet Marketing, but I do have a very strong overview of what is possible, and how to achieve it. If necessary, I have contacts involved in most areas of the internet, so generally if I cannot answer your question, I know a man who can.

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