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46% of Internet users find new web sites via search engines. Word of mouth (20%) and random searching (20%) are the next most popular methods.

At Isulu our aim is successfully creating maximum traffic and financial throughput for your website investment. We DON'T design sites but we DO work very closely with site designers to make sure your site is always running at its best.

As professional search engine promoters we regularly encounter sites that look absolutely fantastic, yet they receive little or no traffic. Have you had Search Engine Optimisation work before, and been burnt by poor results? Try our "guaranteed" Service.

Beware Easy Options!

It has been popular to build traffic using doorway pages, one for each search engine. These no longer work well with competitive keywords, and many sites are now being banned for using them. We have never used these methods, but we do keep upto date on search engine developments.

Choose your Phrases Carefully.

What phrases should you be found under? Many people pick them almost randomly, and so choose phrases that bring few or no customers. We can help you to select the phrases that people actually search on, so bring quality "Hot Prospects" to your site.

Why Can no-one find you?

There could be a number of reasons for low site traffic. Perhaps your site is designed using frames, or is built dynamically so search engines cannot read them. Could be the text needs changing for keyword densities. Often, your web pages simply need to be optimised for Search Engine recognition.

We can solve your Search Engine problems for you, and build you a stream of happy customers.

Don't believe me? Have a look what Peter has to say about Search Engine Optimisation at Search Engine Serious.

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