Internet Marketing Summary of Services


Site Audits

If a site is not build in the right way, it will hold you back. I know what Google expects in site design, speed, structure and signals.  An initial Audit will tell you what needs changing. I can work with your developer to do this. Politely, and successfully.


Link Building for Ranking

Organic Ranking is about picking the right phrases to rank for, setting up the website to rank well, and then getting links from around the web to build your online reputation in Googles eyes.


Pay Per Click Management

PPC is not just about bidding on certain keywords, and he who pays the most wins the top spot. A cleverly put together campaign will ensure you are only bidding on key-phrases that convert for you, give you ads and landing pages a high quality score, enabling you to bid less than your competitors for business.


Social  Media Services Consultancy

Social Media should not be passed on to an agency.  If it is done, it needs to be managed from inside the business, as it is a key part of your outreach to your customers. We can help you decide and set up your social plan, look at how to monitor its success, and then how to develop it.


Reputation Management

There is nothing more sole destroying than building a business, and then having someone try to hurt you online. If a client or potential client is searching for your brand, what do you want them to see?


Managing Who is on your Website

There are several Services out there for working out who is on your website.  We can help find the right one. If your sales are B2B, then you need to know which customers are interested in which parts of your website, and which potential customers are looking, so you can have a meaningful conversation with them.  We can help.